Limitless Peace Community Network is a project initiate by Michael Ten. Anyone who has an earnest preference for inner and outer peace may also embrace the ideas of limitless peace, perfect happiness, infinite patience, and infinite serenity.

Tenoorja is a distinct entity. There are various affiliate projects since defeating aging is important, longevity escape velocity is important, emotional well-being is important, ethics in psychiatry is important.

Limitless Peace Federation is an organization helping to increase inner and outer peace on Earth. Subscribe to receive updates and to learn more about Limitless Peace Federation project. 

Embracing Limitless Peace

Limitless peace seems ideal, offering a serene state where harmony and tranquility abound, free from the chaos and discord of everyday life. This boundless peace transcends conflicts and divisions, fostering a world where compassion and understanding reign supreme. It is a state where every individual feels a profound connection to others, a unity that dissolves fears and anxieties. In such a realm, creativity flourishes, and the human spirit soars, unencumbered by strife. Limitless peace isn't just a distant dream; it's a possibility within our reach, a vision we can strive towards through our actions, thoughts, and collective aspirations.